Meet The Owners


Cathy Casserly, Owner

The desire and commitment to helping others started at a young age for Cathy.  From owning a daycare helping young kids and parents navigate new milestones, to being a caretaker for the elderly, to working with patients at her massage therapy business, serving others is her calling.  Starting Timeless Estate Sale Services with Julie  is her commitment to helping others through transitions of all kinds.  Now, with almost 7 years in the Estate Sale industry, Cathy brings experience, industry specific knowledge and compassion to each sale.  Having been a small business owner for 15 years, Cathy understands the importance of commitment and transparency with customers. 


Julie Villelli, Owner

Julie wants to raise happy, healthy, kind and productive kids, in a world filled with inspirational design, lifelong learning and endless throw pillows.

She creates connections and provides exceptional Estate Sale experiences for her clients, customers and associates using her BBA in Marketing and the skills she gained from 25 years corporate experience in marketing, design, and master planned community management.

When she’s not helping people transition to their next living situation, you can find Julie finishing a book for her 2 Book (Wine) Clubs, being walked by 3 year old yellow lab, Tucker, or playing mixologist for a houseful of family and friends, gathered to feast on her hubby’s homemade pasta and gelato.